Dear President Obama, Get Angry

Dear President Obama,

Get angry. Please, get angry and get loud. Raise hell. Use the power of your office. Use the power of your voice. BE A LEADER.

Charleston, Ferguson, Baltimore, McKinney, Oakland. This is racial terrorism within the United States. Hope? Where is the hope? In 2008, I had hope that the underlying current of racial inequality, hatred, and violence would finally dissolve from our country. Instead, we have a social movement to remind ourselves that #BlackLivesMatter.

President Obama, as our country’s leader, as an intelligent, educated black man, use your power. Focus inward. Within yourself and within our country.

Bring back hope. Leave a legacy that addresses racial inequality and racial terrorism. In the great words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., through “unarmed truth and unconditional love” deliver us from this starless midnight of racism”  to the “bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood.” 

Get angry, President Obama.  Be a leader. A leader for equality, a leader for diversity, a leader for understanding, a leader for peace.