Global Birth Doula

Nothing is more important than a good start in life for babies, moms, and families.

Childbirth is a magical occasion in life. A birth doula provides continuous emotional and labor support to a birthmother and her partner before, during, and just after childbirth. Birthmothers with a doula are 28% less likely to have a cesarean section and 34% less likely to have a negative birth experience. With a doula, there is a 14% decrease in the need for newborns to be admitted to a special care nursery.

I’ve held a lifelong commitment to improving health outcomes for moms and children, with a particular passion for reproductive health and social justice. Serving as a birth doula through Open Arms Perinatal Services is one way I am touching individual lives to make a difference in a meaningful way. Current and past activities include serving as a mentor to children impacted by HIV/AIDS, providing strategic support to a Kenyan NGO empowering healthy communities, and working with Planned Parenthood’s efforts to bring reproductive sexual health education to international youth. In addition, I have served on the Board of Directors for the Autism Center Guild at Seattle Children’s Hospital and previously worked as the Director of Communications providing community outreach for Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy. Research for my master’s degree in International Affairs focused on ways to strengthen nonprofit organizations supporting maternal and child health and education.

As a doula, I follow the lead of the birthmother and baby. I completed my birth doula training through the Simkin Birth Center at Bastyr University and have worked on various projects to share stories to improve maternal and reproductive health equity.