Freedom of Freelance

Crater Rim – Mount St Helens

After years of challenging jobs that I’ve loved, I’m stepping back into freelance so I can enjoy the freedom of working on my own schedule, from whatever location I happen to be in.

I’m branching out to build a new career in voice over acting, while still helping businesses and nonprofits convey their stories via advising, newsletters, and websites. Voice over is a whole new realm of storytelling, and I’m enjoying the new challenges.

This weekend I did a bit of work on the edges of the days while meeting up with my family to climb Mount Saint Helens. You can read a trip report of the climb HERE. There’s nothing better than taking advantage of the freedom and flexibility to enjoy family and the great outdoors.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” –Albert Einstein

Mount St Helens – Worm Flows Route